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When You Set Out on the Path…

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I would like to express gratitude for some insight into fear and groundlessness that came to me.  As anyone involved in the arts knows, there is groundlessness all around.  So much uncertainty surrounding livelihood as a musician, writer, artist or anyone who wants to keep the creative impulse alive.  The first item came by way of writer Jack Saunsea who linked to a TED talk given by Amanda Palmer (Grand Theft Orchestra), called “The Art of Asking”.

We made an art out of asking people to help us and join us.

…I was in Manhattan, and I tweeted for a crash pad, and at midnight I’m ringing a doorbell on the lower east side, and it occurs to me I’ve never actually done this alone.  I’ve always been with my band or my crew.  Is this what stupid people do?  Is this how stupid people die?  And before I can change my mind, the door busts open.  She’s an artist.  He’s a financial blogger for Reuters, and they’re pouring me a glass of red wine and offering me a bath, and I’ve had thousands of nights like that, and like that.

I think when we really see each other, we want to help each other.

And from Pema Chodron’s weekly Heart Advice, an excerpt from her book Taking the Leap:

Underlying hatred, underlying any cruel act or word, underlying all dehumanizing, there is always fear—the utter groundlessness of fear. This fear has a soft spot. It hasn’t frozen yet into a solid position. However much we don’t like it, fear doesn’t have to give birth to aggression or the desire to harm ourselves or others. When we feel fear or anxiety or any groundless feeling, or when we realize that the fear is already hooking us into “I’m going to get even” or “I have to go back to my addiction to escape this,” then we can regard the moment as neutral, a moment that can go either way.
— Pema Chödrön


Author: Jason Klarl

Host and producer of the Travelogue Media podcast, and author of Travelogue: 2015 Yearbook. I grew up in Colorado with a passion for music, photography, and filmmaking. I completed an Associates of Applied Science degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, and studied at the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, North Carolina. I'm currently living in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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